Charlie Chow's Dragon Grill
255 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Call (801) 328-3663 for dining reservations, carry-out, delivery, or catering.

Charlie Chow’s Dragon Grill, a one of a kind dining adventure, is Utah‘s biggest and most plentiful Mongolian Barbecue, and is a fun and exciting way for our customers to put their personal touch on Salt Lake’s finest Asian cuisine. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

1) Get your perosnal Dragon Grill number stick from your server. This lets us know where to bring your food when it’s finished!
2) Take a bowl at the start of the Dragon Grill and begin choosing from fresh noodles, rice, twenty-eight kinds of crisp vegetables and fruit with eighteen of our authentic Asian sauces.
3) At the end of the line, add fresh beef, pork, chicken, (or seafood during dinner) to your creation by placing the corresponding colored sticks in their bowl. They can also have our chefs turn their selection into a soup, salad, moo-shu wraps, or even lettuce wraps!

It's also vegetarian friendly! Put the green stick in your bowl to have your creation cooked separately with vegetable oil.

We would love to explain to you how the Dragon Grill work, and give you a few hints to your creation.

Get adventurous as you go! If your meal doesn't come out like you planned, you can return to the Dragon Grill as many times as you like! Don't worry! It is ALL YOU CAN EAT!